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Best Booking Systems in Finland: A Comprehensive Comparison

Finland's most popular booking systems are Book Salon, Diarium, DigitalBooker, Timma, and Vello.

Additionally, Acute, Ajas, Calendly, Nettiaika, Phorest, Slotti, and Tehden offer excellent solutions for electronic booking, among other features.

We compared various booking systems to find out what additional services they offer to businesses beyond booking capabilities.


Price Comparison: Nettiaika and Vello are the Cheapest

Free: Book Salon, Calendly, and Vello
Book Salon, Calendly, and Vello are the only systems in our comparison that offer a completely free option alongside their paid packages.

Vello is the cheapest, Slotti is the most expensive
For small businesses, the cheapest paid package is Vello Basic (€7.90/month), although this package is not included in the comparison. The most expensive option is Slotti (€133.00/month).

For larger companies, Nettiaika is the cheapest
For companies with five to ten employees, Nettiaika is the most affordable (€42-81/month), while Tehden offers the most expensive solution (€335-670/month).

Commissions starting from 0.9%
Commissions for payment terminal and advance payment transactions vary significantly. The lowest commission is with Vello (0.9%) and the highest with Book Salon (3.0%). Commissions are often influenced by payment volume or usage rate.

Invoice sending starting from €0
Ajas is the only system in our comparison that allows sending invoices for free. Diarium, Slotti, Tehden, and Vello also offer invoicing capabilities but at a cost.

Marketplace up to 15% extra
The marketplace feature is available with Book Salon, Diarium, Timma, Tehden, and Vello. Vello does not charge extra for reservations made through its marketplace, whereas Timma takes up to a 15% cut.


Feature Comparison: Significant Differences Noted

SMS reminders in almost all
SMS reminders are available in almost all systems. Only Calendly, Nettiaika, and Phorest do not offer SMS reminders, or their availability is unclear.

Payment terminal is not a given
About half of the booking systems offer a compatible payment terminal. For the other systems, a payment terminal might be possible, but the entrepreneur must procure it from a third party.

Invoicing only in the most comprehensive systems
Ajas, Diarium, Slotti, Tehden, and Vello offer the ability to send invoices directly from their systems. For Slotti, invoicing is done through a different software.

Marketplace is a competitive advantage
The marketplace feature is a clear competitive advantage for Book Salon, Diarium, Timma, Tehden, and Vello. A free or nearly free marketplace provides entrepreneurs with access to a large consumer base.

Group classes are often an additional feature
Group classes are generally not included in the basic package of systems. Booking systems focused on the beauty sector do not offer a group class feature at all.

Remote appointments only with a few
Only three systems (Acute, Diarium, and Vello) offer the possibility to sell services provided remotely. Ajas and Vello also offer the option for remotely organized group classes.


Patient Data Comparison: Only 33% Allow Patient Data

Patient data allowed?
Only actual patient information systems allow the handling of patient data in their systems. These systems are Acute, Ajas, Diarium, and Vello.

Kanta connection as an additional option
All patient information systems, i.e., Acute, Ajas, Diarium, and Vello, also offer a Kanta connection. Kanta is available at an additional cost or included in the basic package.

Kela direct reimbursements with three
Acute, Ajas, and Diarium offer the possibility for Kela direct reimbursements. Generally, this requires a paid Kela integration.


Other Considerations: Mandatory Payment Terminal and Free Support

Book Salon requires a payment terminal
In Book Salon's Pro package, the use of a payment terminal is mandatory. In other systems, a payment terminal can be acquired as an additional feature.

Free help to get started
Timma and Vello are the only systems in the comparison that offer free assistance to new users for setting up the system. In other systems, help can be requested if needed.

Free support (almost) for all
Free support is included in all systems except one. With Tehden, support and fault services are chargeable.


*The comparison was made in the summer of 2024 using information available from public sources. Changes to the comparison data are possible.

**For each system, a version or package was selected for comparison that includes as many similar features as possible with Vello (Premium).