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Vello account closed, what can I do?

If your Vello account has been closed, there are typically only two reasons for it. Either you have personally requested the closure of your Vello account, or Vello was unable to charge the monthly service fee from your payment card.

Fortunately, neither situation should cause any major concerns! If you wish to reactivate your Vello account and resume using it for yourself and your customers, you can usually do so independently and without delay. By taking the necessary steps, you'll quickly regain access to Vello's services and enjoy its benefits once again.


The account has been closed at your request

You have the option to contact Vello's customer service to have your Vello account closed immediately or at a time of your choosing.

If your Vello account is closed by our customer service, it will undergo a waiting period before being permanently deleted. During this period, all the account's data and content will be irreversibly destroyed. Once a Vello account is deleted, it cannot be reinstated. However, if needed, you can create a new Vello account.

If your Vello account has not yet entered the deletion process, it is possible to reinstate it upon your request. Typically, this option is available if the account has been closed for less than five months. To restore a Vello account that was closed by our customer service, please get in touch with Vello's customer service team.

Bookings have been suspended for your account, and you have received a notification about it via email

In the event that Vello is unable to charge the monthly fee from your payment card, you will receive a maximum of eight advance notifications via email regarding the upcoming appointment closure. Additionally, when there are less than three days remaining until the appointment closure, Vello will start warning you within your booking calendar. However, you can still take action at any point to prevent the appointment from being closed.

Failed debit transactions commonly occur due to various reasons, such as the payment card you have added to Vello not being authorized for online payments, insufficient funds in the card, reaching the payment limits on the card, or the card being expired. We recommend checking with your online bank to determine if any of these factors have caused the unsuccessful debit.

If needed, you have the option to add another payment card to Vello by accessing the "Menu" option, navigating to "User account," and selecting the "Billing" tab. When you update the payment card information, Vello will make an immediate attempt to process the debit transaction again.

Once the payment is successfully processed, Vello's automation system will promptly open the appointment for your Vello account.

The bookings have been suspended when you made changes to your Vello settings

In Vello, you have the flexibility to choose the extent of usage for your Vello account. Alternatively, you can opt for Vello's automatic determination of the most suitable usage level, which is set as the default option.

However, under exceptional circumstances, if you downgrade your usage level from Premium to Basic or from Basic to Free, and the activated features in your account do not align with the selected usage level, your account may be closed.

In such cases, Vello will alert you to the error and provide a list of features that conflict with the chosen usage level. At this stage, you have the option to either deactivate the features associated with the higher usage level or complete the subscription process.

If you proceed with the subscription before removing the features included in the higher usage level from your Vello account, the ability to book appointments will remain closed until the necessary steps are taken.

You have the flexibility to expand your subscription or disable the features associated with the higher usage level at any time. Once this is done, Vello's automation system will promptly reopen the appointment booking feature for your Vello account.

We are more than happy to provide further information and assist your company in selecting the most suitable subscription model.

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