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The TimeMagnet removes empty slots from your calendar

The TimeMagnet tool in a modern reservation system automatically places bookings in the calendar, eliminating the need for employees to skip hours in the middle of the working day.

It allows customers to book around current bookings, with the option to further expand the operating range and customize settings.


From a broken work day to a whole one

A key distinction between using a paper calendar and an digital booking system is the level of control the employee has over scheduling new bookings.

With a paper calendar, the employee can actively influence the placement of new bookings. However, in the era of electronic appointment booking, customers have the freedom to choose their preferred time directly from the employee's calendar.

This results in a working day that can include a few bookings in the morning, an hour and a half of a empty slot, and the remaining appointments in the late afternoon.

The good aspects of the TimeMagnet are the efficiency of working days and the maximization of free time

With the TimeMagnet tool, customers are now presented with available time slots that are adjacent to existing bookings. This innovative feature eliminates any gaps in the employee's schedule, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted working day.

The TimeMagnet creates a morning or evening shift for the employee

Moreover, the advantages of TimeMagnet go beyond just preventing skipped hours. It also enhances the efficiency of working days and allows for the optimal utilization of free time.

Typically, the first booking of the day determines whether the employee will have a morning or evening shift. Assuming the first reservation is made at 9:00 am, all subsequent bookings will automatically be scheduled in the morning.

It's important to note that employees are not bound by the booking restrictions of the TimeMagnet tool. As an employee, you have the flexibility to make reservations at any time. If needed, you can also influence the allocation of a morning or evening shift by scheduling the first booking of the day in the calendar before customer opening times.


How do I use the TimeMagnet tool in my own booking system?

  • Set TimeMagnet to active
  • If you can do both morning and evening shifts, you can open the whole day for booking
  • When there are no bookings on your working day, customers will be shown the whole day (the time slot you have opened) as bookable
  • The first booking of the working day can be made at any time of the day
  • It is possible to make the second reservation of the working day so that it takes place before or after the first booking
  • Assuming that the second booking of the workday was made on the calendar after the first reservation, the third reservation of the workday will be offered times that are before the first reservation and after the second reservation.
  • However, TimeMagnet does not offer the customer times that are outside the employee's working day or shift
  • TimeMagnet booking restrictions do not apply to employees

But wait, there's more to the TimeMagnet story

It is important to note that the TimeMagnet tool does have some limitations.

It serves as a charge limiter, restricting the number of available booking times visible to customers. This can sometimes make it difficult for customers to find a suitable time for their booking, potentially reducing the overall number of bookings.

Additionally, although TimeMagnet allows for booking around existing appointments, cancellations can still result in gaps in the schedule.

Another drawback is that the first booking of the day largely determines the placement of subsequent bookings, which can limit the flexibility of scheduling. However, these limitations can be managed by only opening morning or evening times for booking, although this further reduces the number of available slots.

It's important to keep these considerations in mind while using the TimeMagnet tool. Despite these limitations, the TimeMagnet is a valuable feature included in the Vello Premium plan at no additional cost.




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