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Increase your customers’ engagement with reminders


Kehon Linja, a yoga studio based in Helsinki.

Elena founded her yoga studio “Kehon Linja” in 1999 in Helsinki, in the northern part of the city, in the Maunula district. 

Because the yoga studio enjoys an almost 20 years old reputation, the need to switch to a digital communication plan occurred only very recently, in 2018, after listening to the wise recommendations of clients and friends. 

By making the user’s booking experience seamless, from the first step until the last step before attending the class, the no-show rate dropped tremendously. Elena measured a minimum decrease of 66% of no-shows, i.e expected yoga students who eventually did not make it. 

Discover how Vello online booking app supported this yoga studio when this business took a leap of faith to modernize its communication.

A Facebook local business page later..

When Elena started, the yoga studio didn’t have a dedicated website. However, its digital journal started with a Facebook business page, an Instagram account, and a Vello calendar. Already on social media, Kehon Linja could share the link to its calendar in order to help their customers book a yoga class online, at any time of the day. 

Soon after, their website was launched, presenting their Vello calendar. Embedding it on their webpage was a piece of cake! 

No more no-show!

One of the main advantages Kehon Linja team found in using a reservation tool like Vello, is the ability to send automatic reminder notifications to the customers. This helped dramatically our local business in dropping the number of no-shows by 66%.