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How online booking can drastically improve your online and offline conversions

Elonaalto, an  Osteopathic Physicians in Helsinki

Matti Hokkanen is an osteopath who got his business started. He founded Elonaalto in 2019. What is even more exciting is that people of his generation are not afraid of all the modern communication means. That is why he immediately launched a website, a Google My Business account, a Facebook page, and a Vello calendar. The next steps already on his mind are online payment solutions together with utilizing other social media. 

So, Matti is a digital native! He organizes Facebook promotional campaigns, he shares his professional achievements on social media, his website is very easy to navigate through, and there are many ways to quickly book an appointment. In other words, this young osteopath is on top of his online marketing game.

How online booking assists the conversion process

After using our online booking system for a few months, Matti measured the following improvements:

  • 75% no-show drop
  • 35% booking increase
  • patients are happy to be able to book online their next appointment and let Matti know about it
  • in fact, 95% of Matti’s bookings are made online and on his Vello calendar so it is clearly his patients’ favorite way of booking compared to emailing or calling him. 

By providing his patients with a simple calendar available 24/7, this osteopathy business based in Helsinki, Finland, has increased its bookings by 35%. And thanks to the automatic reminders sent to the patients, the non-attendance rate has tremendously dropped, which can really make a difference in the revenue of a small business.