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Even established businesses need to offer online booking solutions to their clients

Hammaslääkäri Antti Vainikainen Oy, a dentist in Joensuu, Finland.

Antti Vainikainen founded his denture care center in 1994. It has been quite a long ride already for this dentist settled in the northern part of Finland. However, this established business which operates in a very traditional field turned to Vello to provide its clientele with a more flexible booking option. Because even if you’re well known in your area, and if your customers are used to calling you to make an appointment, now they need a more time-efficient solution.

Less phone calls, more bookings

For a long time, Antti’s business only relied on a brick-and-mortar dental office, paired with a website. To book a consultation, you would either call or send an email or even swing by the office. But when you called, the line might be busy, or the service might not be open. And even when you managed to book a meeting, you had to save the date somewhere. 

Eventually, listening to clients’ and colleagues’ recommendations, Antti opted in 2018 for an online booking system comprising automatic reminders. Nowadays, 60% of the appointments are made through Vello, the platform he chose. 

And this addition to his marketing and customer relationship strategy was warmly welcomed by his clients who shared positive feedback. 

As over 55% of our clients, health care and well-being specialists, and other professionals from a varied range of industries, adopting a flexible online booking system is one of the TOP 3 things Antti did and that is what any business should probably do!